DIY leopard print collar

I've been on the hunt for a nice detachable collar for some time now. Not only are they extremely hard to find, they are expensive and most often come as a part of an S&M costume. So one DYI project for a sleeveless button up shirt, lead to another. 

You will need
2 cuffs of a button up shirt you sacrificed or turned into a lovely sleeveless button up top
1 black and 1 brown acrylic paint
1 paintbrush or 2 if you're too lazy to clean the first one
craft glue
needle and thread
enough ribbon to wrap around your neck and tie a bow

Take the cuffs you cut off of the sleeves and paint a leopard print on it. Start with the black

Then fill in the black with brown blotches

Repeat with the second cuff. Then cut the side with the button hole of each cuff to adjust to the size of your neck. Fold, the cut edges, and glue down or sew it down.

Fold the excess fabric neatly over the back of the cuff, and glue it down on the edges. Do not use too much glue.
Slide your ribbon through the folds of both cuffs. You can also just glue the ribbon down on the cuffs, but then it's not as adjustable.  You can obviously sew the ribbon on, but glue worked fine, and I didn't want to deal with stitches showing on the other side.
Reinforce the folds by doing a few stitches on each corner with a needle and thread.

Tada! Peter pan collar on one side or, normal collar with a colonal sanders bow on the other side. Stay tuned for ideas on what to wear with this. 

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