When black becomes blah

 I had a pleasure of being featured in this outfit on The Genteel by my roomie Priscilla who is the new street photographer for The Genteel. Check it out here http://www.thegenteel.com/articles/streetstyle/when-black-becomes-blah. Seriously, why do we all wear black coats in the winter?



Montreal is now under 4 feet of ice, snow and slush which means I've been forced to trade in my regular footwear for lumberjack boots. They kind of make me feel invincible in this weather... for about 3 minutes, and then I realize that it will take more than shoes to protect me from -30 degree weather.


Golden Globes


Donna Karen

Calvin Klein

Jenny Packham


Bill Blass

Vera Wang

Zac Posen
Photos from nydailynews.com
Here are some of my favorite looks from the golden globes last night. I was slightly disappointed in the selection this year but there were some good ones.


DIY Glitter shoes

Here is a super easy tutorial on how to make your own glitter shoes, or glitter anything.

You will need
- Old shoes that you've stopped wearing because they're all scuffed up at the front, or that you're just bored of
- Craft glue that dries clear
- Glitter
- Paint brush
- Tape

Start by putting tape around the edges you don't want covered in glitter

Then pour out some glue, and add lots of glitter to the glue and make a pasty mixture. Then paint the area of your shoes that you want. This works a lot better than painting your shoes with glue first then adding glitter because the glitter stays in place! 
You will need to paint a couple layers to get an even glitter distribution. 

Let the glue dry, and voila! If you accidentally used water soluble glue like me, you should not wear them in the rain.


Need Thakoon

images from nymag

These are some of my favorite looks from Thakoon's Pre fall 2012 collection. This collection pretty much sums up everything I love in life... okay maybe not LIFE, but at least in the fall. Grey wool, cable knit, fur, stripes, the list goes on. How cute are those furry pockets!


Christmas dinner, yes this is late.

stuffed pork loin before
stuffed pork loin after
Asparagus with bacon and pine nuts
Roasted potatoes... but better.

 This is what my sister and I made for our Christmas dinner. We got the recipes from http://whatkatieate.blogspot.com which is a fantastic food blog with the most amazing food photography. These potatoes changed my life. They taste like little nuggets of awesomeness. I'm going to try this with sweet potatoes, more on that later.


Wasn't it warmer?

I'm not even going to pretend this is what I was wearing today. It is -15 bajillion degrees in Montreal with windchill and when I went outside today, I looked like an asian Michelin man. This is from a much happier time around Christmas when it was briefly warm.


Hello 2012!

To celebrate the new year I made Korean rice cake soup, called dduck gook. Its a Korean tradition to have this soup on New Year's day. In Korea you become a year older on New Year's instead of on your birthday. My mom used to tell me that you become a year older when you eat the soup. As a child, I used to eat several bowls hoping to become several years older, but now I just stick to one bowl... just in case its true.

I used this recipe
To make the broth, I added a piece of dried sea weed called dah shi mah (not the stuff sushi is made with). I used beef with some bone on it, because I find bones always make stock a lot better.
I also added some dumplings.