DIY Glitter shoes

Here is a super easy tutorial on how to make your own glitter shoes, or glitter anything.

You will need
- Old shoes that you've stopped wearing because they're all scuffed up at the front, or that you're just bored of
- Craft glue that dries clear
- Glitter
- Paint brush
- Tape

Start by putting tape around the edges you don't want covered in glitter

Then pour out some glue, and add lots of glitter to the glue and make a pasty mixture. Then paint the area of your shoes that you want. This works a lot better than painting your shoes with glue first then adding glitter because the glitter stays in place! 
You will need to paint a couple layers to get an even glitter distribution. 

Let the glue dry, and voila! If you accidentally used water soluble glue like me, you should not wear them in the rain.

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