I've always wanted to make this bracelet but I never had the time to until now. It's really easy to make but you need time, patience and probably one or two seasons of "friends".

you will also need
- suede cord long enough to wrap around your wrist 3-4 times plus an extra 20cm for the end
- thread that matches the color of your suede cord
- small beads
- clasps for the ends or a large bead

1. String the beads on two separate strands of thread as long as your suede cord and leave some extra string at the end. (or buy beads that come on a string to save time)
2. Place strands of beads on the two thick sides of the suede cord
3. Tie the strands of beads to the suede with the matching thread (I used black so that it's easier to see)
3. Wrap the thread around the suede tightly a few times
5. Then wrap the thread around the suede cord going in between each bead as you wrap. Continue until you reach the end
6. Once you reach the end wrap the thread around the suede tightly a few times and tie it up.
7. To make a loop, take the end and cross over the front to make a loop
8. Bring the end to the front and put it through the loop
9. You can add clasps to the loop
10. Or you can attach a bead on one side and make a loop on the other

And you're done!


  1. Wow so nice. I am definitely going to make this beaded bracelet for my girl friend. Awesome post dear! :)

  2. we sell these at club monaco for like 35$!!


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