I'm currently having a love affair with fall's sweatshirt trend. So much that I want to sleep with it and then try to get away with wearing it a second day. How great is it when trends are actually comfortable and require no effort!? Well, almost no effort. I actually couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for so I decided to make my own with these easy steps.
(images from atlantic-pacific.blogspot.ca, streetfsn.blogspot.ca, tumblr)

You will need
- a sweatshirt (I bought mine from gap, mens small which had the slightly oversized look I wanted)
- cardboard
- x-acto knife, pencil, ruler
- acrylic paint (make sure it is not washable)
- a sponge

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    I think you have to come back to Italy: there a lot of places to visit!

    Anyway, i like your blog, new follower.
    Kisses from Italy ;)

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