Sometimes all you need is a simple leather tote. Sometimes that simple leather tote will cost you a couple hundred dollars. Instead you can make your own because these totes are actually very easy to make.

You will need
- 100% polyester sewing thread
- a sewing machine that can take the abuse of sewing leather
- leather

 Cut out pieces from the leather according to the dimensions given

1: Take two "a" pieces and sew them with the leather sides facing together, leaving a 1/2"wide seam
2: Open up the seam and press it down with your fingers
3: Sew the seam down 1/4" from the middle. Repeat for the other "a" pieces
4: Sew the 2 front pieces to the bottom piece "c" with a 1/2" seam allowance
5: For bonus points, sew another "c" piece, leather side facing up and along the seam, to make the bottom more stiff and nicer on the inside
6: Sew the sides "b" along the sides of "a" and bottom "c"with a 1/2" seam allowance

1: For the straps, fold the sides in, overlapping slightly in the middle
2: Sew down the middle
3: Mark where you want to place your straps. My straps were placed 2.5"off centre, with stitch starting at 3/4" from the top of the bag, with the bottom of the strap at 2.75" from the top of the bag
4: If you can, sew with the leather side facing up to protect the fabric
5: Make two stitches one at the bottom and one at the top to reinforce each of the straps
6. Admire  your handy work


  1. Very classy! Love it, well done!

  2. Love it :) I just bought a heap of leather, hope I'll have enough for a tote after I'm done with other stuff :)


    1. haha when I posted this My sister asked me who other than me would actually have heaps of leather lying around the house. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  3. oh yeah ! love it !! thanks for you tutorial !!

  4. LOVE this! So cool...found you via Craftgawker :-)

  5. Very cool! How much leather is the piece you used?

  6. super cute! did you use a thicker needle in your machine?

    1. Thank you! I just used a universal needle and polyester thread. Cotton thread will disintegrate with the tanning chemicals and if you use thicker thread it won't sew properly. Leather needles tend to tear the leather more. Use the largest stitch size your machine can do.

  7. in love with this DIY bag, just awesome!!! it makes me think to the Céline tote bag! i love your blog!! i follow you now!!
    xo, Inès!
    Dear Inès

  8. where do you buy your leather and is there a specific type I should get?

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  10. I love this bag!!! The leather looks like Ostrich......where can I buy leather like this from please? thanks

    1. Thank you! i buy my leather from tandyleatherfactory.com
      The leather I used isn't real ostrich leather, it's an embossed cow leather. The ostrich print faded after a while but the leather still looked good.

  11. This is so cool and classic! I have stashed out some leather stuff from last DIY project. I will do this project with that material. Thanks for tutorial.
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