I'm back! I've been really busy preparing for my SA trip and spending time with my sister that I accidentally abandoned this blog. Luckily there is a limit to how long I can go without drooling over designer collections. I've been browsing through the new resort collections and Chloe stood out the most.
Chloe is what I imagine to be a guy's worst nightmare and yet it's my absolute dream come true. The volume, clean androgynous shapes and beautifully large pants make me squeal like a school girl. This collection in particular emphasized Clare Waight Keller's vision for Chloe. A designer, well versed in menswear design, stresses the importance of making wearable clothes for every type of women.
The collection was made up of pants that appeared both relaxed and perfectly tailored, layers that suggested feminine doesn't have to be formfitting and the most amazing trench coats big enough to get lost in. The collection also had a fine selection of gowns that really appealed to the side of me that wishes I was a princess.


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! and this is my wish.

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     Hey everyone! This is a little off course from what I usually do but it’s something very close to my heart and I wanted to share it with all of you on my birthday. 
    Although I love fashion and sewing, being Christian is actually the most important part of my life. Since moving back to Calgary I’ve realized how blessed I am to have so many resources and I just want to give back in some way. To be quite honest, one of the reasons I’ve been blogging less is because the more time I spend learning about how other people around us are struggling, I’ve been finding it rather difficult to spend so much time focusing on myself. 
    This summer I have the opportunity to go South Africa with a group of 11 people from my church and I am really stoked to be a part of this. The whole team is really excited to be on this journey and we have been working hard training and preparing for our time there. Our group will be working along side African Leadership who has been serving the people of South Africa for over 16 years. Here is some information about whom we will be serving and caring for and what we will be involved in:
·      WHERE: Khayelitsha was the government’s solution to the ever-growing black population within the city of Cape Town during the apartheid. It was illegal for the natives to enter the ‘white’ areas, so they camped out near the city, hoping that they could find a job and support their family. This temporary living area is now the permanent home for 1 million Xhosa people who find it difficult to get out of the social standing that has been pre-determined for them.
·      WHO: Xhosa people are the second largest native group in South African and have been living in the area for hundreds of years. Most of these people in Cape Town and Khayelitsha are now living in shacks made from scavenged materials. Due to many factors, they fall victim to poverty, broken families, crime, AIDS and hopelessness.
·      WHAT: Of the many ministries that African Leadership has initiated, we will be involved in the Children’s churches and pre-schools, serving kids in Khayelitsha and training local teachers as well as creating a curriculum for the children’s programs. Our group will also be a part of building projects of new pre-schools in the different local communities. We may also be working with youth through the Sports Outreach, redirecting their energy to enable them to discover their purpose and identity in Christ. We will also be a part of an outreach to the children and people of Transkei (rural part of South Africa).
·      WHEN: We are going as two different teams. The first team is going from June 1-17 and I am in the second team that will be going July 6-21, 2013
·    WHY in the world am I doing this:  This year my church has been reading a book together called "Radical". It's all about how as christians we've can no longer continue living the "American dream" when we are called to give up everything and help the poor. So the whole church has been challenged to live a more Christ like life style, and go out of our comfort zone to help the less fortunate. This has been an incredibly difficult journey for me, and I'm still so far from giving up everything for the poor. But, this is a journey and going to South Africa is a part of my journey. I'm obviously not going to change a whole lot in just one short term missions trip but I'm praying that this experience will change me to be more giving and loving. So why South africa? I've pretty much decided to just go big on this trip and really step out of my comfort zone. It will be very different, I still have a lot to learn about South Africa but I'm really excited.
                Now I know not all of you share in the same faith as me and I realize that we are all on a different spiritual journey. But let me say that this is not just about our own personal beliefs but also more importantly about bringing change and hope to the children and people of South Africa. African Leadership’s philosophy is bringing transformation to the culture of South Africans through education, job skills, encouragement, and spiritual wholeness. I believe in what African Leadership is doing and their passion to bring hope to the young children they serve and care for.
                 I hope I have explained clearly the purpose of our mission trip and a sense of my passion for caring for the people of South Africa. But you may also be wondering what is that we as a team need from you. Our team is trying to fundraise approximately $22,000 to help cover the cost of this trip and supplies that we need to take over. This amount is not a small number so we are reaching out to see who might be want to be a part of our cause and a part of our team through financial support. We realize that it is an awkward conversation when it comes to money but we believe in this with all our heart and we believe that many of you would love to be a part of this in your own way. If you want to be a part of our team through financial support please see below for details. (Note: All support is tax receiptable.)
Finally and most importantly we are asking people to support our team, African Leadership, and the people of South Africa through prayer. Just as important as financial support, we believe that prayer support is more important. There is something incredibly significant and powerful when a group of people is gathered together in prayer for something that God considers “good, right and just”. We definitely need your prayers!
If you have any questions or in need of more information about our trip or our team please feel free to leave me a message
Thanks for taking the time to read this and supporting my blog!

 If you would like to make a donation online, you can go here. 
and make a note that the donation is for South Africa missions for "allyssa" and your name. Thanks!



We had two days of spring here in Calgary and then it just disappeared under a pile of snow and slush. Hopefully it'll warm up again because I'm so done with winter. I've put away my winter coats for good because I'd rather set myself on fire for warmth than wear my wool coats again.

wearing: h&m sweater: h&m hat: calvin klein blouse: ae booties: ae jeggings: pull and bear scarf:      zara bag



Happy April everyone. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I only made one post for the entire month of March, my bad. I've just been busy with work, church and spending time with friends for a change. Hopefully I'll do a better job of blogging in April!

I just had to share this amazing commercial. I'm absolutely obsessed with Wes Anderson and his latest project was with Roman Coppola for Prada starring Léa Seydoux. I really can't imagine how this could get better. You can watch all three here.




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Happy St. Patty's day. Sorry I've been completely MIA! I just got a job so I've been slightly occupied with that but mostly I was (... still is) plagued with seasonal laziness which is why my "I'll post the shorts pattern tomorrow" ended up being "I'll post the shorts pattern NEVER" well, until now. You can  finally download the pattern here.  This is my first time making a pattern, I also don't use patterns often, so let me know if something doesn't make sense.

About the pattern
- Print and lay out the pattern so that a circle forms in the middle of the 4 pages
- add seam allowance to all sides of the pattern
- the "----" means fold
- the square should be 2"x2"

For the instructions you can follow this amazing tutorial that I found.



I've been meaning to make these shorts forever but my level of productivity this time of year just plummets. Calgary is usually very sunny so I can't complain too much but grey skies just suck all the energy out of me. And it's not even march yet! Anyways, This is a super easy diy. If you don't have shorts to do this project you can make your own like I did with a pattern that I will post tomorrow, or these shorts from american apparel would work well.

You will need
- Lace trim
- Shorts




There are so many fall collections that I'm in love with this year and with milan fashion week left, I still have a lot more to look forward to. Adam Lippes' new collection is one of my favorites so far. After being away last year with the closure of his line ADAM, he is back with a bang. Drawing inspiration from classic sportswear and focusing more on construction and quality, this collection demonstrates a new beginning for this talented designer.



I've been into more simple jewelery lately. They're easy to wear and it still looks clean if you layer a bunch together.  This is an easy DIY to give you that layered look without actually having to look for necklaces that match.

Just realized that my ampersand is backwards, my bad.



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 I hope everybody had a lovely valentines day.



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Here are some of my favorite street style looks from Fashion week. It amazes me how great some people can look even in freak storms. Maybe their gorgeous fur details make them impervious to natural disasters.  Whatever it is, I need it so I can stop looking like the michelin man in the winter.