I'm back! I've been really busy preparing for my SA trip and spending time with my sister that I accidentally abandoned this blog. Luckily there is a limit to how long I can go without drooling over designer collections. I've been browsing through the new resort collections and Chloe stood out the most.
Chloe is what I imagine to be a guy's worst nightmare and yet it's my absolute dream come true. The volume, clean androgynous shapes and beautifully large pants make me squeal like a school girl. This collection in particular emphasized Clare Waight Keller's vision for Chloe. A designer, well versed in menswear design, stresses the importance of making wearable clothes for every type of women.
The collection was made up of pants that appeared both relaxed and perfectly tailored, layers that suggested feminine doesn't have to be formfitting and the most amazing trench coats big enough to get lost in. The collection also had a fine selection of gowns that really appealed to the side of me that wishes I was a princess.


  1. I just started following your blog, found you through google. Your tutorial on how to make a leather bag is amazing. Keep up the good work. I absolutely love your taste, these capes/cardigans are so my style.
    Thanks for such cool blog!
    Abi K

  2. This is such a beautiful collection! the light colour palette is so refreshing and love the clean aesthetics!

    Check out my new blog post! :)

  3. EEP! I just found your blog!
    Please, please, please start writing again!

    love, J.

  4. Allyssa... where are you??? Why you didn' write on blog so long? Please, come back... you have greate imagination.

  5. Allyssa.... where are you? I just find out your blog, and I crazy for it :). You inspired me. Please come back!


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